Sales Podcasts

Providing excellence has its rewards

Ask most folks in the service industry – waiters & bartenders, car wash attendants, valets, etc. – they’ll tell you their reward for performing above and beyond minimum requirements of the job reflects very pleasantly on their bottom line…in other words, better tips. That same philosophy holds true for most B2B providers. While recognition for putting in the extra effort may not come in the form of a monetary gratuity, the reward can be equally great, if not more so.

Our custom business podcast group recently created an internal piece for HP. One of their Sr. Account Managers in Norway just closed a major deal with a very large insurance company. Our mission was to find out how he got it done. So, we got him on the phone and stepped through the sales cycle talking through some of the elements and best practices that helped him win the deal: thorough needs analysis; competitive elements; superior customer service offering and so on. In the end, it was their ability to exceed expectations that won the business. And sharing this great success story with HP colleagues around the world in his own voice through a custom 10-minute podcast is inspiring and empowering.

While we’re at it, a big shout out and THANK YOU to our client, Elizabeth at HP, for sending along this unsolicited note:

I am so pumped to share this podcast within HP! Excellent job – I really love the upbeat music & the editing you did from the call to make it flow seamlessly & keep the listener engaged! I will definitely be reaching out to you for some more podcasts in the very near future! LOVE working with you!

Don’t ever underestimate the benefits of going that extra mile – word gets around!